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Increase Your Store’s Foot Traffic with These Steps

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The number of shoppers online are rapidly growing. However, according to a survey, 71% of consumers still spend more during an in-store visit, and shoppers add more to their cart when they are in a physical store. This has something to do with the emotion of shoppers when they are in-store. They long for that visceral experience.

Another survey shows that 76% of shoppers do not stick to their shopping list; in fact, these shoppers are more likely to impulse buy when shopping inside a store location.

What do these numbers mean to your business? Despite the rise of online shopping, there still are significant opportunities for physical stores to offer an experience that will meet customers’ expectations to increase sales. The next question is: how can these stores drive more foot traffic to their doors so that they can play on that impulse buying behavior of a consumer? This article will show the things that will play huge roles.

Put up a USB Charging Station

Having a charging station is surefire to make people gather inside a store. This is an opportunity for a store to get people to look around while their phones are charging. And for those who can’t leave their phones at the charging station, something must be offered to them too. Position a few units of iPads for these people to browse the store’s eCommerce website. Who said these customers can’t purchase online while in-store?

Oftentimes, shoppers can get too excited. This can cause stations to get dismantled and iPads, for example, to malfunction. While you can call in an iPad repair expert anytime, it is still best to have the units checked in advance to prevent hassles during the event.

Offer Discounts and Sales

This strategy is one of the fastest ways to draw people into a physical store. This is what triggers impulse buying. Anything that can save money will get the attention of most of the customers. Offering discounts does not only benefit the customers but most especially the business. It increases sales, attracts new customers, and promotes a positive reputation for the business.

Of course, do not forget to let the people know the store is about to have a sale in advance. While putting up a huge poster saying “75% off” can spread awareness, nothing beats the speed and effectiveness of social media to disseminate every type of information. So, make use of all your business’ social media channels to advertise and encourage fans to share the good news.

Another idea is to offer printable vouchers to get the customers to visit the store. Once it materializes, it is now the job of the store to turn these visits into profits.

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Invite Influencers, Brand Ambassadors, or Experts

If the Social Media Post Insight did not do much, bring in outside reinforcement to draw in potential customers. Work with people who have the power to influence a consumer to buy a certain product. Invite them over to speak at your store on occasions such as new product launches or store anniversaries. Or simply invite them to the store for a tour, offer them product samples, establish relationships, and most all, allow them to take photos for their massive follower count to see.

Create a Captivating Window Display

Invite the customers in through a captivating window display. Make passersby curious about what is more inside. A window display alone can already make an impression, so better make it a good one.

Invest in Employee Training

No matter how lovely the storefront is or how great the deals are, none of it will work if the customer service is lacking. A business can spend thousands of money to drive traffic to their stores, but if the employees can not handle their jobs well, that money spent will go to waste.

Invest in proper employee training because employees are the ones on the front line—this has the power to make or break first impressions and keep a customer from coming to the store. Remember that repeat customers are the lifeline of a business. Protect the investment you made to gain their business.

Despite online store sales skyrocketing in recent years, businesses must not give up on brick-and-mortar stores. They should find innovative ways to utilize them differently. After all, the numbers in studies don’t lie. There are still many advantages that can be experienced only in physical stores. So take advantage of these suggestions and keep driving foot traffic to your store a priority.

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