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Is My Child Ready To Go To School? The Factors that Matter

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Is your child going to school this year? For many children, their first experience of school starts at the age of four to six. But how do you know if it’s the right age for your kid to start school?

Several studies show that kids should start their school days later than four to six years of age. But what effect does going to school at an early age have when it comes to a child’s development?

Starting schooling at a later age

Most parents think they should send their child to school once they turn five. But it turns out that waiting for a year results in better scores on tests regarding self-control. A study from Stanford University says that children whose parents wait for a year or two have better self-control once they reach 7 and 11 years of age.

Self- control is one of the essential traits that a child can possess during their developmental years. Children who are successfully able to develop it can plan their time better. Even more, they can also maintain their focus even when they have various distractions surrounding them.

The right age for your child in kindergarten


Parents Magazine explains that parents should first know their state’s rules for the right age to start children in kindergarten. At least 32 states in the country have a minimum age requirement of five years old on or before September 1 before a child can go to a preschool in Salt Lake City, Utah. These states don’t include the 11 other states that have a cutoff period between September 1 and October 15. Seven other states provide parents with the option to set the dates that they want their children to start school.

Aside from checking the state rules, you should also consider your child’s development and how it’ll affect their growth. Give children enough time to develop their mental health and make it easier for them to adjust to new environments and people.

Another way to know if your child is ready for school is by getting a preschool teacher’s opinion. Some parents often agree with a teacher’s assessment about moving their child’s education for another year. But some parents trust their instincts more than anything else.

Every family is different

Aside from the state regulations and a child’s age, there are other qualifiers you could use to know if a child should start going to kindergarten. You also need to consider your child’s emotional and social growth. You should ensure that your child can express her feelings using words instead of nonverbal cues such as grabbing or crying.

Observe children if they get along with classmates or if they can sit still for a couple of minutes. You should also gauge your child’s vocabulary, whether it is suitable for their age.

You and your partner should base your decision on these factors, but you also need to ensure that your child is ready socially and emotionally. Starting a child’s education at an early age has its pros and cons, but there are times when waiting for another year is better for a child.

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