Keep Your Car Safe This Summer

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Because of the sunny, warm weather, more people are spending time outside. Police officers warn that they see an uptick in property crimes around this time of the year. While Provo sits at the 26th place as one of the safest cities in Utah to live in, it's still important to keep your car safe outside. Here are some tips on how you can achieve just that:

Install a Car Alarm System

The automotive security industry in Provo offers a lot of car security options for the city’s residents. You can shop around for anti-theft devices that can help deter criminals, like a steering wheel lock, a car alarm, or a car-disabling lock for your fuel or ignition system.

If you have an old car, consider getting a car security upgrade. You can have your manual key changed into a smart or digital key, which has a computer chip that cannot be duplicated or altered.

Park in a Secure Place

Car parking lot

If your car’s out of thieves’ sight, it’s safe. But that’s only the case if you have your car parked in a garage. When it’s outside, your vehicle is out of safety once it becomes out of your sight.

To make sure that your car is safe when you’re outside, park it in a secure place where you can easily see it, even from a distance. Alternatively, park it near a crowded place where thieves can’t get to it quickly.

Park your car in well-lit areas or in places where surveillance cameras are visible when you have to go out in the evening. Stay away from parking spaces that inadvertently provide shelter to thieves while they steal your car.

Hide Valuable Items

You shouldn’t keep valuables in your car. That’s not always the case, however. If you have to, hide your stuff in the center console, glove box, or trunk. Laptops, cell phones, accessories, GPS units, MP3 players, and basically all digital stuff are juicy items to burglars. Just don’t keep your stuff out in the open.

As a general rule, keep your car tidy. Don’t even leave towels and clothes inside because thieves might think that you’re hiding some valuable stuff. Remember, if you have a clean car, it’ll be less likely to get robbed.

Lock Your Doors

According to Provo police, thieves are always looking for opportunities to steal valuables in a car, so they always check locks. The city’s police force has then issued a card that says “Hide. Lock. Keep.,” which encourages people to hide, lock away, and keep their valuables safely away from opportunistic thieves.

Prevention Is Always Better

Thief attempting to steal a car

Finally, always assume that thieves want to steal your car or the valuables they see in it. Take precautionary measures that discourage thieves from even trying to steal from you.

Park in a secure or well-lit place, lock your doors, and don’t leave stuff inside your car. Taking these steps can help you prevent car burglaries. If they know that you have a car security device or notice that your car’s tidy inside, you know that you’re safe.

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