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What Kind of Legal Assistance Should You Provide Your Employees With?

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Recently, small businesses are finding ways to compensate their workers. One of the benefits they now offer is legal aid. This means that the employees can tap a lawyer as part of their benefits for working in the company. This is a good way to retain employees and assure them that their employers are thinking about their welfare. However, as the demand for this benefit increases, so do the questions surrounding it.

What are the kinds of legal benefits that employees can avail of? How will this impact their jobs? Should employers even offer this kind of benefit at all or will it be detrimental to the organization?

What Are Legal Benefits for Employees?

Legal benefits are becoming more common. However, some small businesses and even their employees are not aware of what these benefits are. You may not even know that you have it in your compensation package already. They are often referred to as legal assistance, legal insurance, or they may be included in the employee assistance program (EAP). If the employer offers you a chance to customize the benefits that you will receive from the company, choose the legal assistance benefits. This will come in handy in the future.

What Kinds of Legal Aid Can Employees Avail Of?

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The most common legal assistance that employees need is writing a will. Although you can find information about this on the internet, it’s nice to talk to a lawyer about it and even assign an executor. Recently, some other cases are becoming popular among employees. These are traffic violations, family law, divorce, bankruptcy, buying or selling a home, and issues with contractors.

The legal assistance provided by your company can also cover more serious and severe cases. This type of benefit can help an employee who encounters problems on the road and might need a car accident attorney. During these situations, it is important to have a lawyer present when you face the authorities. Whether you are in the wrong or not, your lawyer will have one thing in mind—the protection of your legal rights.

Knowing that they have someone they can call when a legal issue suddenly faces them will make employees feel secure. They will also have a profound appreciation of what their employers are trying to do for them despite the bad economy. This is a perk that employers and employees alike will benefit from. The employers will see a more productive workforce while the employees will finally feel their hard work is paying off.

Are Legal Benefits Worth It?

Next to health insurance and paid vacation leave, legal benefits are the most important type of non-monetary compensation for employees. While it does cost the organization a few thousands of bucks, that’s nothing compared to the output of the employees who now feel valued and appreciated. Of course, you can make the legal assistance clause a customizable benefit. Employees who feel that they won’t need legal aid in the future may choose another type of compensation to take its place.

Employers don’t want to worry about their workers. They will not be able to help but worry when they know their employees are in the middle of a divorce, and they are not getting the right legal opinion. At the same time, they will worry about employees who get into all sorts of legal trouble. While employers are not required to provide legal aid to their employees, they know too well that these legal problems will affect their productivity.

How to Encourage Employees to Take Advantage of Legal Benefits?

Employers are not always jumping the gun when it comes to legal benefits. In their minds, they’ll worry about getting a lawyer when they are in a position that they will need one. Otherwise, they are better off using this “credit” on other office perks such as additional vacation leave time.

You can encourage them by giving a rundown of the legal fees of hiring a lawyer. Once they understand the value of getting legal insurance, they’ll be the first one in line to sign up for it. You simply have to be transparent to them about why this benefit matters in their lives.

Lucky are the employees who get this kind of legal assistance from their organizations. They can rest easy knowing that they can seek a legal opinion about any legal situation they encounter. Do not take it for granted. As for employers, offering legal insurance will show your employees that you care about their welfare and well-being, and that you are willing to invest in making sure they feel valued.

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