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Living in the Digital Age: Why It’s the Best Time to Be Alive

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Much of our history as humans has been filled with strife, challenges, and tribulations. Most of the time, many of these challenges come in the form of conflicts and wars that we have waged for territory, wealth, and power. But as centuries have passed, many nations and cultures have set aside much of their differences for a brighter future. Technological innovations in the past few centuries are attributed to these times of peace and friendship.

Imagine you’re born in a different point in history, such as the medieval period. It doesn’t seem like a fun idea when most people have to work from 4 AM in the fields to make ends meet. However, many points in history are considered the “golden” age of discovery and wonders. Most people want to experience first-hand how Renaissance painters did their paintings and sculpture or watch prominent figures in the literary community perform in theaters.

However, these “golden” ages are sometimes eclipsed by the downsides, especially when it comes to technology. If you had a contagious disease during these time periods, there’s a good chance that there’s no practical and scientific treatment other than some rituals used to ward off evil spirits, the use of leeches, or cutting off your limbs.

Even though some wondrous innovations and pieces of artwork have been done throughout the past few centuries, most of the hard work done by these prominent figures has led to what we know society today.

Technology in different facets of society is constantly evolving to serve the community and the public better. This is why much of the public has an extended lifespan due to comprehensive medical care, a thriving economy through automated technology, and fast internet connections that can help us communicate with someone hundreds of miles away.

Are We Living in a Golden Age?

Although many individuals will feel that the past few years have been considered “bad,” especially with all the political strife, the on-going pandemic that has stretched out for a year, and a series of unfortunate events, we have made great leaps in the past few years. Many individuals that were once considered lower-income have climbed up to become middle-class. With a growing middle-class in the global village, billions of individuals around the world have access to technology.

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This has caused a cascade of development in different industries. Since more businesses are migrating to digital platforms to reach a broader audience, many customers use the Internet to buy products or find solutions to problems. That said, bot technology and business are working together in an attempt to build-up the economy.

Golden Era for Businesses

Most analysts would say that the 2020s will be a golden era for banks and technological development. Although much of the economy is still recovering from the economic recession caused by the public health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a silver lining to this: business organisations, banks, and technological institutes can start redrawing their strategies to serve the public better.

Businesses are forced to experiment and adapt using unorthodox approaches in marketing, increasing sales, and cutting down manufacturing costs. With everything that’s been happening in the past few months, businesses will need all the help they can get.

Automating and Streamlining the Process

The concept of automation has been around for quite a long time and is still one of the most significant technological developments in the past few centuries. The first thing that most people think about when it comes to automation is cutting down on the time, energy, and money needed to get things done.

Many industries, such as the real estate industry, have been using automated software and applications to cut down on the time needed to buy and sell homes. Innovations like apps for selling properties has been lauded for being a great way of streamlining the process. Not only will this make it easier for customers to find their ideal dream home, but they won’t have to drive hundreds of miles away to see the home they want to check out.

There are many innovations and technological developments in the past few years, and there’s bound to be even more in the coming years. Although there might have been many things that have happened throughout the past few years, most individuals should still be optimistic about what the future holds. We’re still at the beginning of a new golden age of technology, which is exciting news for the rest of the world. It only means there are better things to come.

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