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Business as Usual? Not for The Elderly

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Have you been feeling restless during the pandemic? You are not alone in having anxiety in this situation. Since the start of the pandemic, many people have been affected by the COVID-19 situation whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Included in those affected are the elderly individuals.

It is known that the elderly are more prone to catching the dreaded virus. Older adults are at a higher risk of getting infected and getting hospitalized due to COVID-19, and this also implies that they are more vulnerable to potential demise.

Given this difficult situation, how have families been keeping their elderly safe from getting infected?

The Grandparents Are All Right

Although taking care of our elderly is our loving responsibility, some of us have daily schedules that are too busy to attend to our elderly’s needs. This might have led some of us to bring our elderly to nursing homes to be given due attention and care.

Some busy families might not have the luxury to find the appropriate nursing home for their loved ones. It’s a good thing there are marketing services for nursing homes to help these places serve more families and serve them better. If you want to help your local nursing home get the word out on their services, you can suggest these marketing services to their administrative office.

Although some have brought their loved ones to nursing homes, some care for their elderly right at the comfort of their home. For these families, it is important to maintain social distancing without going all out in isolation. This is an essential thing to note because many older adults cherish their time with loved ones and family.

Given that the elderly make the most out of their time with your family, how can you keep them safe while allowing bonding time among family members?

Bonding With Granny and Gramps

The COVID-19 virus can spread easily if not taken seriously. The spread of the virus even at home can be lethal, especially to older adults. It is important to take safety precautions even when bonding with family members so that you can happily enjoy each other’s company without compromising each other’s health and well-being.

What are the ways you can do to bond with your family during this pandemic?

By now, you must have already explained to your elderly loved ones the gravity of the global health crisis. If you haven’t or if it has still been difficult to grasp, try to be patient in explaining how this pandemic can affect their physical health, especially given their senior age.

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Be honest about how the elderly can be affected differently compared to how it could affect younger adults and even children. Be patient in having them understand the details of the situation so that they will not feel left out.

When they have somehow understood the situation, make sure you spend enough time with them even if you work at home. Working remotely is still different from focusing on family time, allowing them to feel appreciated and loved despite the current situation. This pandemic might have made them feel lost, so keeping a family bonding routine will ease this anxiety.

You can plan to play games or tell stories, especially when the grandparents are involved. This will make them feel cherished as you listen to their experiences when they were just your age. You can even pick up words of wisdom that you can apply to your current situation.

How The Pandemic Has Affected Families

While spending time with loved ones during this crisis is important in keeping the family together, it is equally important to talk about the reality of family issues that have been coming up during the quarantine period.

Your family’s financial situation might have been affected by the current financial crisis and shifts in the economy. If these factors have greatly affected your everyday expenses and essentials, you have to discuss these concerns with your family. You can brainstorm possible solutions to these concerns together, which could ease the burden from your shoulders. This is especially important if you already have teenagers in the household who can potentially help out with the financial situation.

Another thing you can discuss within the family is each family member’s mental and emotional well-being. As a family, you have to keep each other feeling safe and secure even if you are all home. You have to reassure your loved ones that you have been practicing social distancing but always have each other’s back.

These are some concerns that need to be brought up during this crisis. Doing so will help the family stay stronger despite the odds.

During this global health crisis, it is important to let your family know, including the elderly, that you are a strong family that can withstand whatever challenge you need to face. This is the time for strength, resilience, and most especially, emotional grit.

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