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Office Environment: Effects of Temperature on Your Work Performance

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It can be funny how employees fight over small issues in the workplace. One of those trivial matters is what temperature to set the thermostat to. As a business owner, you might think it a priority to be able to save on energy at the cost of some comfort. However, it might become a bigger issue when it starts affecting your employees’ performance and productivity at work and not just their satisfaction. It pays to be aware of the possible effects of temperature in your workplace.

Mental Ability

It’s often thought that lower temperatures increase levels of concentration. That’s possibly one of the reasons why many offices have cooling systems in place other than to keep the computers running. However, what you may not know is that if the workplace is too cold, people will have difficulty thinking instead. This is because they become distracted, relegating their attention to keeping themselves warmer first. The body follows, spending more energy to retain heat than to power the brain. So you better watch how you use your heat pumps in your Kerikeri office.

Physical Condition

While people become more active and relaxed when it’s warm, raising the temperature even a little too high can be detrimental to the body. When people get too hot, they get tired and exhausted much faster than usual. You’ll also likely see your employees around the water cooler than at their desks. It’s not only people’s bodies that are affected, as computers and appliances can also meet their demise. Overall, work is more likely to get done at a slower pace than what you’d like.

Workplace Relationships

coworkers arguingYou’re not just imagining it if you’ve noticed that temperature affects how people approach or see each other. People tend to view the whole workplace as “cold” when they’re exposed to a frigid office. As a result, they’re more likely to avoid speaking to each other unless they’re naturally chatty or it’s necessary. When it comes to warmer temperatures, people view the place as “warm” and friendly. If you use the right amount of warmth, you may be able to help your employees get along better.

Overall Income

Since temperature can affect how your people work in the office, it can also affect how much your business earns. If you make the temperature too cold or hot, you and your people can suffer performance-wise, leading to a lower income. Your temperature policy might be saving you some money now due to lower energy consumption, but the hit on your productivity might cost you more in the end. It would be much better to do the research and set it to levels that account for energy use, work performance, and employee satisfaction.

Your office’s heating and cooling systems aren’t just there for show. It can become an instrumental part of your workplace’s performance and productivity. You should optimise its use and make your office a better place for you and your employees. You’ll be thankful that you decided to do so.

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