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Other Ways to Use Your Air Compressor

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It helps to think outside the box sometimes, especially if you have some tools in your home that you only use for one thing. If you’re capable of flexing your imagination when it comes to your devices, even an air compressor can be of use in unusual ways. So if you have something smaller than the air compressors that industrial factories use, then try these cool ideas for your machine:

Leaf blower

If your backyard is covered with leaves and you’re not too eager to rake them, then use your air compressor to get rid of the mess. Just take your air blow gun and adjust the psi of your machine to 30 or less so that the pressure won’t be too forceful that your leaves will scatter everywhere.

Also, make sure that you’re wearing goggles because some debris might hit your eyes while you’re blowing away the leaves. When you’re good to hit the on switch, you’ll be able to clean your backyard in less than 30 minutes.

Pool tube inflator

When it is summer and your kids want to take a dip in the pool in the yard, you want them to be safe, which is what the pool tubes are for. But since you placed them in the attic before summer, it will take some time before you pump enough air into them for them to float.

But if you have an air compressor, that will no longer be a problem. Just adjust the psi to a lower level because if you don’t alter it, your pool tubes might explode from the pressure.

Paint your house with ease

Painting your home will be a lot easier if you have pressurized air and spray nozzles. Using your air compressor and some spray nozzles will make it twice as fast to paint a whole wall. Also, by spray painting your wall, it’s easier to apply the paint evenly.

Because it’s easier to paint with an air compressor, you can even create beautiful images on your wall instead of just painting a solid color. You can use your spray paint and turn your backyard wall into a wall of art.

Let it snow

house covered in snow

If you want to cover the front of your house with snow but the weatherman says that it will take a couple more weeks before snowfall, then you can use your compressor to decorate your home. For this, you’re going to need a couple of hoses (experts say that hoses freeze, so you’re going to need a spare), an electric heat gun (this is to warm up the nozzles when they freeze up), and a snow gun. You’ll also need to do some research on how to use your compressor to make it snow on your front yard.

Heat the grill instantly

Finally, your versatile compressor can also be used to fire up the grill. If you have 10 to 15 guests in your backyard and they’re famished, you need to heat the grill so that you can start cooking your steaks, barbeque, and hotdogs. You can light up the grill faster by using pressurized air to fan the small flames. Just be sure to adjust the psi to a low level so that you won’t blow away the fire.

Your air compressor is useful for many things. As long as you think outside the box, you can use any of your tools for more than their primary purpose.

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