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Who Can Benefit from Smart Glasses?

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It can be said that science fiction movies present the world that we want. Filled with technological advancements that seem out of this world, the universe that we see in science fiction movies seems like it belongs entirely in the world of fantasy, given that the gadgets they show us (from flying cars to teleportation machines) are at odds with natural laws.

However, some elements of science fiction have been making their way into reality. One of these is the use of high-technology screens. A few decades ago, the idea of a touchscreen device would have been ridiculous. Today, the latest innovation straight out of a science fiction movie is smart glasses.

Smart glasses incorporate screens into eyewear, thus making it possible to have a constant stream of information within the wearer’s line of sight. This is akin to having a smartphone in front of you at all times.
Here are some people who can benefit from using smart glasses:

Visually impaired individuals

Smart glasses have been used to help those with poor or impaired vision see better and navigate the world. For those who are only partially blind, smart glasses can enhance vision, similar to regular eyewear, by providing clear images of objects that are near or far away. They also help assist in spatial awareness, as well as maximize existing vision by providing information that otherwise would have been difficult to read.

For those who are completely visually impaired, smart glasses can help them navigate the world by talking to people and giving them audio instructions, based on data collected about their surroundings. Thus, blind individuals can accomplish simple tasks like navigate streets, get food from a vending machine, and know who they are speaking with.
Smart Glasses

Business people and entrepreneurs

Smart glasses can help solve several business problems, especially in the sectors of warehousing and manufacturing. Because there is a lot of manual labor involved in these sectors, people must have both hands free. At the same time, people need to communicate large amounts of information with each other. This makes smart glasses, which enable both simultaneously, the perfect solution for this problem.

At the same time, smart glasses can help company executives, particularly during meetings. Smart glasses enable the individual to have notes during a presentation without having to use any physical flashcards, making the presentation look more professional as well.

Sports and tourism professionals

Smart glasses can provide real-time information to athletes as they train. This information can include details such as power generated, speed, and distance covered. This, in turn, can make the athlete know his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Smart glasses also have great potential applications in tourism. They can deliver information straight to a wearer about a particular landmark or tourist destination. They can also help present information in museums and theatres. At the same time, they can help tourists navigate unfamiliar cities to ensure that they do not get lost.

Even though smart glasses are still not widely used, they can serve many benefits for people in society. The price of a pair of smart glasses can be high, but they provide people with excellent assistance in various aspects of their lives.

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