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Practical Ways of Removal of Spoofing Threats

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The technological advancements have led to the development of high-speed devices that improve the lives of human beings. Most of these devices are utilizing the Global Navigation Satellite Systems technology to provide the precise and exact geographical location of the device user. However, the lack of authentication of GPS/GNSS signals exposes users to interferences.

Application Development

During the product development phase, the apps that will require satellite signals to operate should be well tested to ensure they perform as expected. One of the most used methods to ensure that your GPS device will meet the demands for the market is carrying out tests with GNNS/GPS simulators. Testing of a navigation system can be done using two methods namely; Laboratory simulation and field testing. The GNNS tests are said to be complete when they are performed under realistic conditions.

The Effects of GPS Interference

GNNS/ GPS technology enables device users to identify the specific geographical location of an area. However, despite their usefulness, the technology used in GNNS/GPS signals is prone to attack from intentional and unintentional interference.

The lack of authentication and encryption in GPS leads to the vulnerability of the wireless networks amid the increased spoofing and jamming of signals. The weakness of GPS signals makes it necessary for testing of devices to eliminate the jammers. A jamming simulator will ensure the removal of hazards on GPS hence providing accurate geographical positioning and timing.

A jamming simulator test must meet the following conditions to satisfy the requirement of a comprehensive GNNS technology.

    • Excellent simulation of satellite orbits
    • Must exhibit signal propagation characteristics
    • Must show receiver antenna and the receiver environment

GNNS jamming and spoofing have been reported by developers and are a significant concern that needs to be rectified. There exist various jamming simulators in the market that can address the spoofing problems. You should look for an established company that will help you overcome the threat of attack. The company offering solutions to your jamming problems should ensure that the tests are conducted in a well- defined and controlled setting.

The company should find a solution to the issues to ensure that your GNNS simulations become as realistic as possible. Some of the leading jamming simulators include the following;

Cast 110 Simulator

The CAST 110 Simulator is one of the best jamming simulators that will enable you to solve the spoofing problems. This simulator works by identifying the threats presented in the real world through wave interference. This simulator can be used independently or integrated with a cast simulator. The Cast 110 Simulator is used in a laboratory setting to test whether the devices that rely on satellite signals have the required features before they get released to the market.

ER- Satellite Jamming Simulator

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This testing device comprises of great features such as numerous controllable signal types; it comes with a unique design that facilitates the expansion of interferers and an adjustable power and modulation.

There are various established companies with high-quality testing jamming simulators. Thorough research will help identify the best jamming simulator to be used in the elimination of potential spoofing and jamming problems.



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