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Why Taking a Vacation Could Save Your Marriage

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Are you on the verge of separating and ending a years-long relationship? Are you about to file the divorce papers that will change the life of each member of your family? Have you lost that spark that was so prominent at the beginning of your marriage? Perhaps you thought about going on a trip first before deciding to part ways.

If you are from New Mexico, you don’t actually have to call a divorce lawyer in Albuquerque the moment you decide that separation is the only way to save yourself from your marriage. It is important to take stock of where you are in the relationship and whether you can do more to save what is left. Believe it or not, even people who say they hate each other are willing to straighten and work things out because the memories and the life they share are too valuable to just throw away (unless, of course, you’re a battered and abused spouse).

Taking a vacation with your spouse can save maybe not always your marriage but definitely a semblance of friendship that is vital for your family (this is especially important if you have kids).

    • A vacation gives married couples a chance to reevaluate their relationship. Where did things go wrong? Can you fix these things? Because you have been busy with work and the children and life, in general, you never had any time to just sit down and talk about the issues that plagued your marriage. A vacation is a chance for you to talk and rediscover one another seeing as there will be no distractions such as screaming kids, dishes to wash, and clothes to the laundry.

    • Visiting a new place or even a familiar place (one that you have been to in the past) can evoke feelings of sentimentality. Trying out new food and activities can bring you closer than ever before. This might awaken a sense of adventure; one that was lost since you are both too busy with life.

    • Taking a vacation when your marriage is on the rocks feels like a “do-or-die” situation. If anyone in the marriage is adamant that nothing is wrong and nothing needs to be talked about, a vacation may just be what that person needs to have a reality check. This vacation will feel like an ultimatum; a pressure of some sorts to either save the marriage or get a divorce once you get back. Not all couples benefit from a vacation but it is still important to take this final step and do everything you can to get your marriage back on track.

    • If you feel that your intimacy has dialed down (or died) due to the many distractions and pressures of married life, maybe a vacation is just what you need to reignite the passion you have for each other. When people are free from their daily responsibilities and obligations, they are usually more relaxed and carefree. They allow themselves to be vulnerable and to measure the choices they made recently. Is divorce really for you? Maybe a vacation together is the answer you need to rediscover the charm of being with each other.

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Marital issues feel overwhelming. There is no one formula to solve the marital problems we see in couples every day, but what even divorce lawyers will tell you is that legal separation and the legal dissolution of marriage is not the only option. Ironing out the issues and doing all you can to save the marriage is the answer you’re looking for. And if after taking a vacation, you still want to get divorced, then call your divorce lawyer and set up a meeting.

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