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Read This Before You Buy a New Motorcycle

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A road bike is a great replacement vehicle for standard cars because it offers a unique sense of freedom and excitement that no other vehicle can give. And when you’ve learned your motorcycling basics, stocked up on gear, and taken an accredited safety course, you may have decided to take the plunge and purchase your first motorcycle.

Buying a motorcycle can be one of the best and most thrilling decisions you can ever make, and if you’re ready to shop around for your first bike, here are essential considerations you need to make before your purchase.

Motorcycle Insurance

Like with conventional trucks and cars, most nations require owners to purchase insurance for their motorcycles for third-party liability to register them to use on public roads. Besides buying insurance for your bike, it’s best to protect your investment and yourself by hiring a reputable¬†motorcycle injury attorney in your area. These professionals can help you seamlessly navigate the claim processes when you get into an accident or experience theft and damage.

Motorcycle Licensing

Every motorcycle owner needs to have an official motorcycle license from their local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to drive a motorcycle legally and safely. Most places will only issue a license if you pass a written test and an actual riding test, which combines for a higher likelihood of safe travel in the future. Make sure you check the specific requirements in your location before buying a new motorcycle because the waiting time to get a license can take up to several months.

Determine Your Needs


After taking care of the paperwork, it’s time to shop for your dream road bike, and the first thing you need to consider before purchasing a motorcycle is knowing your needs. Consider how you’re going to use your bike and how riding it will impact your experience. For instance, if you’re looking for a unique ride, it’s best to go for vintage motorcycles, and if you’re going to be traveling long distances, a cruiser bike is your best bet.

Know Your Options

Motorcycles have become increasingly popular and specialized recently, and because of this, there’s now a plethora of bikes to choose from, and it can be both daunting and empowering. From dual-sport bikes to casual cruisers, interacting with different models can help you see what you like or dislike about each one, allowing you to get one step closer to making that purchasing decision.

The Perfect Body Fit

It’s best to choose a bike that fits your body to ensure safety and comfort. When visiting your local motorcycle dealership, try a bike on for size and, if allowed, take it for a spin. Doing this will help you find that the ergonomic experience of riding is drastically different from one bike to another.

Never Overestimate Your Ability

A common mistake that many rookies make is buying a motorcycle with far more performance than they can handle. When buying your first bike, it’s best to stay away from anything with an engine larger than 600cc as it can overwhelm you and do more harm than good. You can always upgrade your cruiser once you’ve honed your skills and gained enough experience to enjoy the thrill of riding a faster bike.

It’s essential to choose a motorcycle that you’ll be excited to ride while staying on the sensible side to ensure comfort, safety, and the best cruising experience.

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