Construction Project Using Drone

Streamline Your Construction Project Using Drone Building Surveys: Three Advantages

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Since their introduction into the market, drones have played a significant role in different sectors. And with their application no less capturing the imagination of a myriad of industry leaders; savvy construction companies are increasingly adopting the use of drone maps and models in their projects.
 An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) provides building contractors with multiple solutions — streamlining and enhancing intricate workflows prevalent in construction designs. Often, such an approach saves thousands of pounds in labour costs along the way. However, laying the groundwork for an effective enterprise-level drone action plan is a daunting task. While flying a UAV may be a relatively easy task, having to do so over construction sites of a significant scale is usually a challenge. Fundamentally, such exercises require proper licensing, adequate insurance cover, besides optimal training.

Leverage on Drone Software Programs

How can you take maximum advantage of drone software programs for building surveys? Such solutions allow engineers to gather data in the course of regular working days quickly. Subsequently, building designers can promptly merge the insights into existing workflows. Also, these applications support you in integrating drone maps to industry-leading solutions through a dashboard.

As previously stated, a comprehensive drone building survey demands you have a specific operational policy alongside safety protocols plus staff training. Yet, choosing the ideal drone, competently analysing site-specific safety issues and frequently conducting onboarding exercises with regards to both hardware and software ranks among the most significant concerns for a construction site.

Bearing that in mind, you also need to be well placed to maximize the efficacy of your drone data as well as maintain site safety. Accordingly, such a plan guarantees the integrity of vital construction operations. With drone software granting you ideal analysis tools and allowing you to share data, you’ll have the resources to improve project efficiency, communicate with your team more effectively, plus manage your data with relative ease.


How Can Drones Help You Tackle Complex Projects?

Let’s take a look at how drones support you in managing large, sophisticated construction sites with variant moving parts.

1. Standardize data capture
Routinely, you need to map out your construction site through drone flights periodically. This process involves standard mapping, supplemental orbitals required for 3D models and video coverage, with the latter availing useful material to your marketing team. Frequently, automated, sequential drone flight plans allow designers to deliver consistent site updates regularly. Likewise, machine learning conveniently avails useful insights that help you avert and manage risks.

2. Complex analysis
Break down drone data in real-time. Analysis tools grant you the ability to accurately assess volume, dimensions, and area measurements of a construction site. For instance, you can tell the square footage of the roof to put down.
Else, the volume of concrete you need to pour to complete a section of the project. Furthermore, it also allows you to determine the amount of topsoil you may need to excavate, among other benefits. Admittedly, this solution supports you to uphold site cleanliness and organization.

3. Information sharing
All things considered, drone software helps you ease communication concerns. Chiefly, drone maps and models, coupled with annotations and analysis, can be easily conveyed to either internal or external stakeholders.
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