Packing Tips to Prevent Your Gifts from Breaking While in Cargo

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Whether it’s for the Christmas season, a birthday gift, a “get well soon” basket, or a “just because” gift, your present can be sent and received thanks to shipping companies. We are all thankful to the service that these businesses provide us. But somehow, what we expected to receive isn’t exactly what arrives at our doorstep. There are sometimes issues with parcels that carry fragile items. Some of these can be crushed and smashed while in cargo. So what can you do to make sure that your recipient receives your gift in the same state as you sent it?

Here are a few tips you can follow to minimize the chances of your gift being broken apart before it reaches your recipient.

1.      Choose the right box

When we say “choose the right box for your gift”, we’re specifically referring to the size. The box must not be too small or too big for your item. If the box is too big, this will give your gift more space to move around while in cargo. This will make it easier for the gift to rattle around. This may cause damage to the item or even cause it to break apart. A box that is too small will pretty not let you fit your gift in it in the first place.

2.      Think about the packaging elements

If you are a business owner sending a gift to loyal customers, you can opt for more eco-friendly packaging materials. These types of packaging options are usually less expensive than fancy boxes. As a bonus, you’re not only saving money on the packaging material; you’re also showing your supportive clients that you care for the environment. Smart buyers will be more likely to support businesses that are mindful and use sustainable packaging.

For flat gifts that are also smaller in size, you can use rigid cardboard envelopes. These are more likely to keep your gift protected from moisture and other elements. For more substantial and more delicate gift items, you can go for corrugated and robust cardboard boxes instead.

3.      Use internal packaging wisely

If you intend to send bottled liquor, porcelain utensils, or breakable figurines, you need to make better decisions when it comes to its packaging. Use internal packaging that will prevent the gift from moving around and being damaged while in transit. Some interior packaging material suggestions are crumpled newspaper, loss polystyrene peanuts, bubble wrap, and polyethylene foam. Fill this in the gaps in the box around your item. This won’t only prevent movement. This will also give your gift extra cushion.

4.      Wrap each item in individual packaging

If you have more than one gift item, make sure you gift each an extra coat of protection before putting it into the box. A good example is a set of figurines that should be wrapped in a crumpled newspaper. Once you’re done packaging your gift, make sure you pick a dependable service provider for shipping Murray. This will prevent your items from damage while on the way to the way to the recipient.

Part of the fun of receiving a package is opening it up and finding what’s inside. If you do it the right way, you can be sure that the items you packed arrive at their intended destination intact, and not as a disappointing surprise.

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