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The Characteristics of a Good Bodyguard

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What makes a bodyguard good? If you go by Hollywood’s representation of the profession, you will likely assume that it is all about the person’s build, strength, and ability to fight. But, much like most things in the media, this image is widely exaggerated. Although they are essential, these characteristics are not the only requirements for this profession.

If you are looking into setting up a training program for this profession, you will first need to understand what makes a bodyguard good. Otherwise, you are likely to produce individuals who lack the appropriate skills and training to carry out their job effectively.

A Bodyguard’s Responsibilities

A bodyguard has several duties. Although protecting their client remains the priority, there are other tasks involved to make this easier. Executive protection is a serious matter; knowing all of the responsibilities involved is essential for the client’s safety.

  • A bodyguard will need to inspect and plan, especially when going to a new location.
  • A bodyguard has several contingency plans ready for any last-minute changes.
  • A bodyguard will need to keep a vigilant watch of all surroundings to identify potential risks.

What Makes a Good Bodyguard?

Once you’ve understood the responsibilities of a bodyguard, you are better informed of the necessary characteristics of one.

Good Judgment

Bodyguard needs both brains and brawn to be effective at their job. Good common sense and excellent judgment are essential, especially when they need to make quick decisions. These can quickly diffuse a potentially dangerous situation for their client and the people around them.

Team Player

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Most of the time, a bodyguard will be working in a team. A person’s inability to work well with others can put the client in danger. When you’re training bodyguard candidates, include exercises that are centered on teamwork to improve their cooperation skills.

Detail Oriented

As mentioned, a bodyguard will need to be observant to carry out their tasks well. They need to be detail-oriented to be able to identify suspicious people or items in their surroundings effectively. Additionally, this characteristic helps them in developing security plans for their clients.

Positive Attitude

Although being an optimist is not a requirement for a bodyguard, a positive attitude is often preferred. This influences how they conduct themselves with their clients. A gruff personality and a pessimistic outlook on life can affect their trustworthiness and make the client uncomfortable with them.

Physical Health

Physical activities are part of the job. A bodyguard needs to be in good shape to protect their clients effectively. This extends to their habits and diet. The profession has long hours that usually don’t include enough time to eat, rest, or sleep. Teach your bodyguard candidates to take care of themselves to make sure they are at their best whenever they are on the job.

Starting a training program for bodyguards is a worthwhile business endeavor. But you must educate yourself on the profession and its requirements before accepting students. Otherwise, you risk creating bodyguards who are ill-prepared for this high-risk profession.

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