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The Merits of the Classic Wooden Hanger

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Organizing one’s closet appears to be an activity that never really demands much attention. For instance, we do not bother about the types of hangers we use. Clothes hangers are important items to store our apparel properly.

Plastic hangers are the most common. Metal or wire hangers remain popular. But have you wondered about wooden hangers? Wholesale prices may seem competitive for these types of hangers, but their classic appeal and durability are topnotch. If you own a boutique, you might as well buy wooden hangers wholesale.

Drawbacks of Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are what one can find mostly in stores. They are cheap, lightweight, and easy to dispose of. But utility-wise, they are flimsy, and they easily break. They are not good for maintaining your clothes’ shapes. They are prone to garment slippage, and they are more colorful, which actually makes your closet less appealing.

Plastic products are not good for the environment and human health. If you consider the ecological footprint of manufacturing plastic hangers, you will find them less sustainable. It uses more energy to produce them and even longer time for Mother Nature to completely dissolve. More so, the impact of plastics on human health is obvious; plastic waste is harder to dispose of.

Why Wooden Hangers Are a Worthy Choice

Products made of wood exude that classic beauty. They are sturdy, and they stay longer. Likewise, wooden hangers are strong. They are also garment-friendly and are more elegant.


Wooden hangers do not bend or break like plastic hangers. Over time, wood remains strong, unscathed by the issues of prolonged use. Even with heavier clothes, they can hold on and never stretch or bend like plastic or wire. With the robust suspension, wooden hangers can support most types of clothes. Compared to metal hangers, wooden hangers may even be more durable. Metal in enclosed spaces tends to weaken or erode. Wood can withstand closet conditions.


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Wooden hangers, being stronger, can carry your clothes without any trouble. Clothes will not fall off that easily. They also help clothes maintain their shapes. If a hanger bends or stretches, it makes clothes sag or wrinkle on uneven corners of the hanger. Deformation is more common with thinner plastic or wire hangers. Friendlier to clothes, wooden hangers can prolong the lifespan of your clothes. They keep the garment’s fibers and weave patterns consistent and undisturbed.

More Elegant

While one can find plastic or metal hangers that are made to appear elegantly, wooden hangers do not need special processes or design orientations to look that visually appealing. Elegance for a wooden hanger comes with a natural look, devoid of special production work. Your closet will become more presentable and organized. With the color of wood, your closet’s appearance will not be affected at all as colorful plastic hangers would.

Clothes hangers may seem less important as any household items are, but they actually preserve your garments’ conditions. Hangers not only organize clothes and make your closet or room neater. Wooden hangers, for that matter, improve use and protect the value of your clothes.

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