Top Promotional Items to Build Branding

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Many businesses are focusing their efforts and resources in online marketing. This is an important and effective strategy, but there is another approach that you might want to consider. This involves giving branded promotional items.

These are still capable of converting potential customers and putting your brand in a top-of-mind-position. Brand recall is important because if a person immediately thinks of you in recommending a product or service. Your company will reach a wider audience without incurring extra costs.

These are some custom promotional materials or products that you might want to consider giving your potential customers.

Tote Bags

An effective way to leverage promotional items is to make one that a person uses daily. A tote bag is an ideal example of this type. A person who gets this will use it regularly; they can use it as a grocery bag or a bag for books and other items they may want to carry with them wherever they go.

They will most likely use a tote bag for a much longer time than some promotional products. Don’t forget to include your brand name on it and maybe some contact details such as your website and email address.

Hats or Caps

This is an accessory that is an ideal promo item for the right audience. Some people like wearing caps or hats; this is your time to leverage this for your branding efforts. Give away caps or hats at trade shows or conferences to get your brand known in various circles.

Reusable Water Bottles

A water bottle is another item that a person might use regularly. They can bring this with them to the gym to work and to other routine activities. This allows you to reach potential customers daily. The constant reminder their bottle provides them enables you to get that top-of-mind-position you need to beat your competitors.

USB Drives

Usefulness is key is a mantra that many companies use whenever they provide giveaways. USB drives are useful regardless of the age group. You can play around with the branding of these items when you give them away. Use the colors, logo and name of your brand on it.

A person will most likely carry a USB with them to work or whenever they want to store videos, documents and others.

Power Bank

A power bank follows the same thought process as giving a USB. It is useful, easy to carry and a need for many people. Brand it using your colors, logo and name to improve recall and top-of-mind associations. This giveaway is ideal for companies in tech, such as a mobile device company.

Desk Accessories

This type of promotional product is an item that many keep for more than a year because of their usefulness or simply because they blend well in their office. Items such as pens, notebooks, calendars and others improve brand recall and recognition because of the number of times a person has seen your name on them.

Promotional products are useful marketing tools that boost brand recall and recognition. Try using one or a combination of these to identify which one works best for your brand.

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