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Small Changes Make a Big Difference: Boosting Productivity Levels at Work

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Whether you’re building a whole new office or simply making some adjustments to your current business space, it’s highly essential to put emphasis on creating a working environment that’s not only functional but also provides comfort not just for you but for your staff members as well.

Doing so will certainly bring positive energy to your business – expect to improve your image towards your target clients while also increasing everyone’s productivity levels at work. There have been numerous studies that prove the correlation between comfort and productivity, no matter what field you’re in.

To boost productivity levels at work, experts recommend making some changes to the layout or organization of a workplace. It doesn’t always have to be something as grand as tearing up some walls.

It could be something as simple as an “inspo board” where people can share inspirational quotes or even memes (Who doesn’t love memes, anyway?). So, if you’ve been thinking about giving your business space here in Biltmore a facelift, here are some ideas you can take into consideration:

Make some changes to manage the noise levels better

The difficulty in controlling noise levels at work is one of the main reasons for discomfort among many employees. That’s why it is vital to minimize auditory distractions. It’s highly recommended to create a separate area surrounded by thick walls.

This is for all the necessary office equipment that usually creative distracting noises, such as fax and copying machines. Staff members who are mainly in-charge of interacting with the clients should also have an entirely separate space from other employees who need a quieter area to do their jobs.

There are available systems that provide the right amount of privacy while reducing unwanted sounds.

Make your meetings rooms look more like comfortable community areas instead

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An average employee spends most of their time at work attending meetings that run for hours. If your business conducts meetings regularly, for product planning and development, for example, consider building comfortable community areas.

This is a place where everyone can freely interact instead of enclosed rooms that cause many employees to lose their focus and force them to stare at blank walls simply. With a free-flowing community area, your staff members will be able to share their ideas better.

It will also inspire them to come up with fresh suggestions on how to improve certain aspects of the business. If the regular meetings always involve a huge number of people, go for curved couches for that intimate vibe.

Consider putting up some ‘inspo’ boards for everyone

Pin-up boards can be a fun and casual way to share messages with everyone in the workplace to help lighten up the mood, especially during busy work hours. You can post things about huge accomplishments the teams have achieved or even something as simple as office humor.

All these may seem very simple, but they can work effectively in creating a positive atmosphere at work. This can also be a great outlet for everyone to show their creativity. How about putting up some funny photos from the company’s last trip?

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