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Ways to Make Life Easier for New Parents

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Let’s be brutally honest. Parenting is harder when you don’t have help. However, ‘help’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean a full-time nanny. If you’re a new parent or are expecting to be one soon, these gadgets can make your life easier:

1. White noise machine

So you’ve got your crib, your Minky baby blankets, and other bedtime paraphernalia. What else do you need to make bedtime as stress-free as possible for both you and your baby? A white noise machine might be just the thing missing from your new nursery.

A white noise machine produces soft, ambient noise that is designed to soothe and calm. Having this gadget in the baby’s bedroom can help them sleep through the night, which, of course, enables you to get some good sleep, too.

2. Humidifier

Your baby’s skin is more sensitive to dry air, which makes them susceptible to irritation and sickness. A humidifier is the best solution to this problem. By dispensing water vapor back into the air, a humidifier protects your baby’s skin, nose, and throat from drying out.

3. Vibrating mattress pad

Babies are used to feeling movement inside the womb from spending nine months inside it. Vibrating mattress pads can mimic these movements through soft, soothing vibrations, which can help your baby fall and stay asleep.

4. Baby monitor

Baby monitors no longer just transmit sound from your baby’s room to yours; they now have video capability, too. A baby monitor is a must-have for parents. It will alert you if your baby is crying from the next room, and you can see what’s happening in their room instantly by looking at the video stream.

5. Smart thermometer

thermometerUsing a traditional baby thermometer can disturb your baby’s sleep because of all the poking and prodding. A smart thermometer, on the other hand, uses an adhesive pad that connects to Bluetooth to monitor your child’s temperature. With this gadget, you can take your baby’s temperature without having to disturb them. You just have to make sure that the device is in range.

6. Motion-detecting night light

When you’re taking multiple trips to your baby’s room in the dark every night, buying a motion-detecting night light can prevent a nasty accident waiting to happen. Place the night light in the hallway or near the floor in the nursery to help you see in the middle of the night.

7. Pacifier thermometer

A pacifier thermometer serves a dual purpose. While it functions as a standard pacifier, it can also determine your baby’s temperature without the need to use a thermometer. In this way, you can tell immediately if your baby is sick and act fast to address the illness.

8. Breast pump

This is another absolute must-have for parents, especially for busy moms. With a breast pump, you can extract breast milk whenever and wherever. This can prevent breast pain and produce extra bottles for later. If your milk production exceeds your baby’s needs, you can also use the breast pump to donate the excess breast milk to other families.

9. Bath thermometer

You can’t always rely on your hand to see if your baby’s bath water is too hot. A bath thermometer tells you the exact temperature of the water to make sure it is just right.

10. Digital baby weighing scale

A weighing scale for your baby allows you to monitor their weight as they grow up, helping you make sure that they are on the right track. Some digital weighing scales can also be linked to your smartphone to record and monitor your baby’s progress easily.

11. Rocking cushion/crib/hammock

A rocking cushion provides a gentle rocking sensation to calm your baby and prevent colic and acid reflux. Rocking cribs and hammocks function in the same way, only in different forms, and are more aimed to help the baby sleep.

For parents, these pieces of modern tech can be an absolute godsend. With the rocking sensation keeping your baby asleep, you are free to do other tasks or catch some Zs for yourself.

12. Stroller fan

When your baby feels too hot in their stroller, they will let you know about it. To keep your baby comfortable and happy even when it’s hot outside, buy a clip-on fan that you can attach to their stroller. It doesn’t have to be made explicitly for a stroller; a clip-on desk fan will do.

Baby tech evolves every day, making life easier for new and experienced parents alike. If you’re expecting a little one to come soon, consider using these gadgets.

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