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Why You Should Live in a Coastal City

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Living in a beach town is a dream of many. The chill lifestyle is far from the hustle and bustle of a metropolis. If you’re lucky, you can work on your laptop with your toes buried in the sand, a glass of summer cocktail on your side as you sport a tan.

Such is the life in Townsville, a coastal city in Queensland, Australia. For people who are living in Townsville, they get to have the best of both worlds: the urban lifestyle and the beach lifestyle. This makes Townsville an excellent place to live, not only for digital nomads but also for families.

People usually get the notion that a coastal town or city lacks proper facilities and services when an emergency happens. That’s not the case for Townsville. For instance, the healthcare system is exceptional, and car accident lawyers in Townsville are available.

However, not all beach towns are employment-friendly. Because of this, beach towns are more suitable for digital nomads than those who are working a nine to five job in an office. Nevertheless, living in a coastal city has more perks than drawbacks.

Here are the reasons why you should move into a coastal city like Townsville:

  1. The setting is suitable for your physical and mental well-being.

A study shows that living by the beach can help reduce stress. It’s not a new concept to feel renewed when you’re faced with the view of the beach. Something is calming about hearing the waves hitting the shoreline, smelling salt and sunshine, and seeing the vast blue waters which appear endless. At the same time, the beach encourages physical activities like surfing, jogging, and swimming— all of which are improves the body’s fitness.

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  1. The ocean can inspire your work and hobby.

Many poets, then and now, have written poems about the ocean. Pablo Neruda, for example, used the ocean’s imagery to describe loving and forgetting in his many poems. If you are the creative type, living beside a natural wonder and immersing yourself in the world is the best source of inspiration. Gone are the days when creating means being stuck inside the walls of your room. You have to experience the world to create for the world.

  1. The food is exceptional, especially if you’re into seafood.

It’s a no-brainer that you’ll get to have the freshest seafood when you’re near the ocean. However, if you are more into meat, getting a good steak is a possibility since most beach towns are tourist areas. Townsville offers award-winning restaurants that serve varieties of cuisines like French, Indian, Italian, and Mexican. On top of that, the view of the ocean makes dining extra special.

  1. The weather is spectacular.

Okay, it’s not always sunny, but there are more days of sunshine than rain. Living in a place where winter is almost like summer, still, can keep you positive. It’s known that the weather can affect your mood. Notice how the rainy season, albeit comforting, can tire you out easily.
Being so close to nature has its perks on your holistic wellbeing. You can cope with stress easier. You can have a holiday every weekend. You can have a view which you’ll never tire of. The ambiance of a beach town makes it possible for you to have a work and life balance.

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