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Creating a Home Office Space on a Budget

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The U.S. Census Bureau reveals that there are about eight million Americans who work full-time from home. These numbers, however, do not include the millions of workers who split their time to work in both their home and traditional offices.

In recent years, working in coworking spaces and even coffee shops has become extremely common as well. So, as the work-from-home option continues to gain popularity, more and more workers are getting into designing the ideal home office that will truly encourage them to work despite the possible distractions.

If you’re willing to pay a good amount of money to repurpose an old room in your house, then you can definitely create a stunning home office that may find its way in the pages of those interior design magazines.

However, the truth is that not many full-time home workers have the budget to create their dream home office. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have that workspace that’s not only eye-catching but also comfortable. All you need are some strategically purchased office furniture and fixtures in your Salt Lake City home.

Here’s a simple guide to help you:

A Sunny Workspace

You don’t need a fancy or extensive workspace. One of the most essential pieces you need is your desk, so make sure to take advantage of natural light by placing it right next to the windows. Also, your entire workspace should be spacious enough to fit all of your basic professional needs other than your desk.

Add some auxiliary furniture pieces for all your office equipment, such as a printer, scanner, and desk phone, if you need one. Also, make sure you have sufficient storage and filing space for all your important documents.

While a home office doesn’t necessarily have to comprise an entire room, keep in mind that working in a multi-purpose room may actually affect your eligibility to apply for the home office tax deduction. So, make smart choices.

Instead of using an entire spare bedroom or playroom, find underutilized spaces and corners in the larger rooms inside your home, whether it’s in the living room or the master’s bedroom.

A Comfy Seating

office chair

If you’re thinking about being a full-time home worker, that means you’ll have to spend hours sitting or standing at your desk. Therefore, it’s highly important that both your seating and standing configurations are as ergonomic as possible.

No office worker can sit or stand for eight hours or more at their desk. So pick up a comfortable office chair that won’t take up a huge chunk of your budget. Because office chairs wear out relatively fast and don’t usually hold their style, they’re among the easiest office furniture to purchase secondhand, so don’t hesitate about getting a used one.

An Area for Some Downtime

Yes, having some downtime in your home office can be helpful in keeping you stay at your peak performance even beyond regular business hours. But, instead of heading straight to your bed or on the living room couch to take an afternoon nap.

It’s best just to add a comfy couch to your home office space instead of leaving the room itself.

Remember, you don’t want the features of your home office to distract you from getting your work done, but it’s also beneficial to increase its appeal.

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