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Improve Your Home by Managing Your Electric Usage

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You sometimes have a little electric shock run through your body when you see your energy bill. How come you used enough electricity for your bill to be $350? What’s up with that? Is that even legal? You live in a modest home. You don’t even stay home that much because you work all day, so it’s a wonder why your energy bill is as high as it is. But, have you looked around the house and the way you use appliances, utilities, and other things? You’ll be amazed at how simple things can increase your electric usage.


How does water come in and out of your home? If you have an older home, it might still be using well pumps, which consumes a lot of electricity. According to data, pumps consume electricity every time you turn it on to deliver water to your pipes. How much does it cost to activate the pump? If it needs to run five hours a day to supply water to a household, you have to spend as much as $5 a day or $150 a month to power the well pump.

There are energy-saving pumps now that can deliver the same output without the high cost of electricity. Call an inspector to gauge your pumps. Update it with new ones to save energy.

Vampire Appliances

Back in the day, it’s no problem to leave your appliances plugged in the electrical outlets. But today, many modern appliances draw electricity even when they are off as long as they are still plugged in. The reason is that they are not really off when you press the power button. They go on a standby mode so it’s easier for you to turn them back on later.

While they are “off” and plugged into the outlets, they draw electricity. That’s why people call them vampire appliances. Either turn off the appliances completely by pulling the plug or use a power strip to easily turn it on and off.

Energy-hog Appliances

If you save energy hogs in your home, they are the reason why your energy bill is too high. What are these energy hogs? These are the dishwashers, dryers, heaters, clothes washers, and the air-conditioning unit. The average American family does 400 loads of laundry each year. That uses water and electricity. You might be better off doing your laundry in a laundromat. You don’t have to pay that much in water and electricity.

For the other energy hogs such as the HVAC system, look for the energy-saving mode. The same applies to the dishwasher. Either wash your plates manually or run the dishwasher only when it’s fully loaded to maximize its use.


man changing the light bulbMany people use lights to brighten up the entire room. This is not the right way to use lights. It is only efficient when it lights a specific area of the room. When dining in, turn the lights only in the dining area. When reading a book, use a lamp. Full-room lights are a waste of money and electricity. Turn them off when you leave the room or area.

Also, you may want to check the light bulbs you have now. Use energy-efficient CFL bulbs. You might have to spend on them now, but this is cheaper compared to the alternative of paying high electricity costs.

Old Appliances

What’s the average age of the appliances in your home? If you are using appliances past their prime, that’s another culprit to why you have high energy bills. Older appliances need more energy while newer ones have energy-saving features that allow them to run longer than old appliances but use less electricity.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your appliances such as the air-conditioning unit, refrigerator, and television. Look at the appliances you are using all the time. Consider changing them if they’ve been around for at least seven years.


The more tech-oriented you are, the more you are using energy in your home. How many devices do you charge in a day? Smartphones, tablets, laptops, wireless speakers, and portable game systems are some of the most used gadgets in a home. Don’t be too surprised that you have a high energy bill if you are charging these devices all the time.

When not actively charging a device, pull the charger from the outlet. Charge the devices only when needed. Not only is this saving you money, but it’s also maximizing your gadget’s battery life.

Try following these and see how it affects your energy bill. You should not pay more than the average of $120 a month if you’re using electricity wisely. You can do so much with your money if you only learn how to save on your electric bill.

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