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Is This Your First Time Using Uber? Keep Yourself Safe in Seven Ways

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Technology has brought transportation into a whole new level. Before, you needed to patiently wait for the bus or a cab to get to your destination. Now, all it takes is a smartphone, and a ride-hailing app such as Uber, and your taxi will arrive in a matter of a few minutes.

However, our eagerness to get to our destination fast and easy has also made us more willing to ride a stranger’s car. This can put you at risk no matter your destination. What can you do to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against such possible risks?

Wait in a safe place

You may be in a hurry, but as a safety reminder, it’s best to wait in a safe place—preferably inside a secure building. Stay on a well-lit area. Your app will surely show you when your ride arrives, so you’ll know when to go out and meet your driver.

Check the vehicle

Don’t hop into just about any car that tells you they have come to pick you up. Check the app and see if the details match those written in the app. Make sure that the driver’s name, photo, and car details match the description of your ride. Remember that you can request a ride only by using the app.

Exchange details with the driver safely

The driver will receive your details, and you will know the driver’s details once the app processes your ride request. Confirm the driver’s first name to make sure that they are the one the app has paired you with. The driver may also take precautions by asking your first name.

Know your rights in case of accidents

Accidents can happen at any given time. If you feel that your driver is at fault and you have incurred an injury, know that you can take legal actions and receive proper compensation. Following an Uber accident, contact an Uber accident attorney in Los Angeles. They can prepare the paperwork and gather pieces of evidence or testimonials for you concerning the incident. They can assist you with the case and get adequately compensated while you recover. Also, make sure to report the incident to the app and share your experience.

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Beware of sharing personal information

There is not enough reason for your driver to ask for your details. Your location, destination, and first name are all they need to know to provide the service. Hence, beware if one asks about your last name, contact details, or your social media handles. If you find such an odd request from your driver, ask them to drop you off to a location near your home but away from the exact address.

Buckle up

One can’t stress enough how important it is to fasten your seat belt. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving your car or is sharing public transport. Make it a point to buckle up always.

Let someone know your trip details

By sharing your trip details to someone you trust, you get that peace of mind knowing that someone knows your whereabouts while taking an Uber ride. One only needs to tap the “share trip” status button, and it can send your trip details to your loved one. Also, let the driver know that you’re tracking the trip. You can do this by calling in a family or friend and telling them your ride details and ETA.

Thousands of people are now using ride-hailing apps in their everyday commute. If you’re among these people or know a loved one who uses such an app, share this list with them. You can help improve their safety. Also, don’t hesitate to report and give feedback about your trip.

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