Maintaining Effective Communication of Safety Measures in Workplaces

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No matter where you work, whether in a factory or an office, safety is an important matter. When employees are safe as they go about their business, they can do more and better. And when they are more productive, your company can gain more income. It is, therefore, a must to invest in your employees’ safety and implement rules and regulations, as well. However, you can’t possibly enforce such without a good level of communication.

Use Quality Signs

One of the simplest ways you can communicate company regulations is through the use of safety signs that are widely available in Singapore. Put applicable signs on key locations in the workplace so that people can easily find certain items and remember how to handle hazardous items. Make sure the signs are highly visible and have clear illustrations and letters. They would be useless if they can’t attract people’s attention and are illegible.

Engage in Interactive Training

Safety reminders aren’t worth much if you haven’t given your employees any know-how, to begin with. It’s essential to provide safety training before they even start working, as well as at regular intervals during the year. However, don’t just tell them what to do and leave it at that. Give them a chance to try applying their new knowledge in possible scenarios and let them ask questions for clarification. People generally find it easier to remember such knowledge when they know exactly what it’s for.

Illustrate and Recognise Proper Behaviour

It’s not enough that you simply teach your employees how to be safe. You would also need to support and encourage them to continue practising proper behaviour at work. One way you can do so is to share other companies’ success stories and failures related to safety. You may integrate this with your refresher training and seminars. You can also choose to provide recognition and incentives for those who follow the safety rules instead of merely penalising those who don’t. It will further motivate them to keep safe.

checking employeesMake Regular Safety Checks

As you may have noticed, workplace safety isn’t just for the employees to observe. You’re sharing the responsibility, as well. So sometimes, you have to get down there yourself and make some rounds. Take a look and see which areas are becoming potential hazards for you and your employees. Apart from helping to keep the workplace safe, it also tells your workers that you’re taking the matter seriously and not just telling them what to do. Of course, you don’t have to do the checks and training all by yourself, but being present for it can greatly help.

Communication is essential for the workplace, as it doesn’t only make sure that everyone is working well. But it also helps keep everyone as safe as possible. While investing in tools and equipment certainly positively affects the statistics, the real focus must be on putting effort into improving employees’ safety knowledge and behaviour. That way, they can better prevent accidents and will be fully prepared for whatever situation they encounter.

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