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These Technologies Help Stop COVID-19 from Spreading

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It’s amazing how an unseen virus can leave the world as we know it in tatters, virtually in disarray. The worst part is America is on the receiving end of it all more than any country. The superpower which commands the most sophisticated military in the world is losing its war against the virus. Not only are the dead piling up by the thousands, but millions of its people have also been infected, all thanks to the coronavirus. And this winter, millions more could be in danger.

Thankfully, all is not lost. A handful of technologies have been most instrumental in keeping the virus out. You could say these products shone during the pandemic. By doing so, some experts believe the Golden Age of smart technologies is upon us. Quite frankly, their services are a breath of fresh morning air. Not only do they ensure you’re safe outside, but they also keep you protected from the inside. And it’s but timely. Man needs all the help he can get at this hour of great need.

Keeping You Safe Outside

It’s really hard to fight something that you can’t see. Imagine fighting an invisible boxer in the ring. The coronavirus is no different. In fact, this is the reason why it’s so effective. You hardly see it coming.

Technically, SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic has a diameter range between 60 and 140 nanometers. That’s really small beyond what the human eyes can see. Hair has a thickness that of about 60 to 120 micrometers. Thus, you would need around 400 to 1000 SARS-CoV-2 particles to equal the diameter of human hair.

As such, a person who is infected can easily infect upon interaction with another person at a close range. Aerosols or small droplets that travel via air from the infected can enter a person’s body via the mouth eyes or nose.

Good thing fever has been identified as one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 infection. Being able to know if someone you’re interacting with has a fever is crucial in preventing the spread of the disease.

And this is where the thermal scanner has become the primary tool in identifying people with high temperatures. For one, the technology is non-invasive and its ability to detect fever from a safe distance is topnotch. Some products can even detect fever from a meter or two away.

Over time, thermal scanners have become a standard tool in many establishments during the pandemic, from bookstores to shopping centers to hospitals. Security personnel makes it a top priority to scan people so those with fever won’t be allowed in.

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Keeping You Safe Inside

Furthermore, there are a number of smart technologies you can use at home that will help boost your ability to fight the virus. Indeed, these smart home systems go far beyond the usual. They strengthen your immune system like never before.

One such smart device can simulate the natural lighting from the sun. This means you get just the right amount of light just like day time. And when you want to hit the sack, the device adjusts the temperature and the brightness of your indoor lights. The end result: you get to maximize your sleep like never before.

What makes such a smart home device awesome is you need not push too many buttons to get the best lighting. Guess what? The device adjusts automatically to your body clock.

If you want to up your fitness, even more, you can make the hop on the smart fitness equipment. Not only does it give you a workhorse to hop on and do your cardio, but the device also leads you. An online instructor will give you instructions. These fitness routines are fitted for your own body needs, and no one else. It doesn’t just push you. It shows you how to get that beach bod.

Tracking the Spread

Another area where technology has been enormously helpful is via contact tracing.

First up, you have asset tracking. If you’ve watched James Bond movies, then it’s highly likely you’ve seen asset tracking in action. Simply put, a transmitter is attached to any physical good allowing movement to be traced. Only this time, someone who has been infected with the virus becomes the asset.

Another emerging technology is a wearable tracking device. This is especially useful in hotels and other contained settings. Each guest is given the wearable which usually is placed around the wrist. Once a device carrier is under suspicion of carrying the virus, a digital list of the whereabouts of that person can be accessed within seconds. This allows for prompt action. And easy identification of possible contaminated persons.

Technology indeed can play a huge role in helping stop the virus. What remains to be seen is how much people will rely on it to come out of the pandemic whole. From the looks of it, the more we rely on technology, the better our lives become.

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